Under the Insurance Meeting Point brand we hold merit-oriented conferences, seminars and trainings responding to insurance professionals' actual needs.

Each event is targeted at a specific and precisely defined group of participants. The range of topics includes both topical issues/current problems the insurance market deals with and 'evergreens' - topics/matters always important for the insurance business.

IMP means also (and above all) an exceptional discussion forum and a unique opportunity for opinion and experience sharing.


The IMP project has been developed by Ogma Sp. z o.o., recognized in the insurance market as the publisher of insurance periodicals: 'Dziennik Ubezpieczeniowy', 'Miesięcznik Ubezpieczeniowy' and 'Polish Insurance Week'..


We have been working on the IMP project for some time. Our idea was to create a special brand for events focused on insurance issues, targeted at middle-level, higher and top management. We intend to hold several conferences/seminars a year. The quality of the content is our top priority, but apart from that IMP is designed to be an opportunity for participants to meet, talk an chat in a nice place and friendly atmosphere.


+ Duration: 2 days (starting on 1 pm on the first day and ending on 2 pm on the other day);
+ Location: usually 50-60 km from Warsaw
+ Program: 6-8 presentations; each lasting up to 1 hour 30 minutes (including discussion and questions from the audience); on the first day evening an opportunity for informal talks.

In case of further questions please contact us by mail: office@InsuranceMeetingPoint.com


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